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Shakuju Therapy Workshop with Master Kobayashi Shoji

  • 03/23/2012
  • 03/25/2012
  • Sheraton Keauhou Resort & Spa in Kona, Hawaii
Shakuju Therapy Workshop
with Master Kobayashi Shoji

Please take advantage of this exciting workshop. Register before 3/1/2012 for early bird price plus HOMAA discount.

Dates and Place:

March 23-25, 2012 10am-5pm

Sheraton Keauhou Resort & Spa in Kona, Hawaii


Early bird price: $400 - $40 HOMAA member discount = $360   Before 3/1/2012

Regular Rate: $430 - $43 HOMAA member discount = $387       After 3/1/2012

Discounts are given in the form of a check at door upon arrival.

Brief Intro:

Shakuju Therapy is an approach founded on Oriental philosophy and based on the Qi paradigm, whereby all illness is treated as Qi deviation on and stagnation. The ultimate cause of all illness is understood to be “fundamental cold” (Hie). Treatment consists of moving Qi in the body to eradicate “fundamental cold” (Hie). The abdomen and back regions are emphasized in Shakuju Therapy. Abnormal fi ndings in the abdomen (shaku and ju) are the primary sources of diagnostic information and treatment is performed on the back according to this diagnosis.

Kobayashi sensei was born in Tokyo, Japan. In 1969 he graduated from Toyo Acupuncture College, and in 1972 he graduated from Tokyo Kyoiku University with a degree in Acupuncture & Physical Therapy Teacher Training. He then opened Taishido Acupuncture Clinic in 1972 and began teaching at Kanto Acupuncture College (where he continues to teach today) in 1976. In 1980 Kobayashi Sensei developed Shakuju-kai, which is now one of the foremost acupuncture modalities in Japan.

Please download brochure for full details.

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